Thursday, March 17, 2011

Syracuse Orange Will Kick the Orange Up a Notch

Via - some SU players, and you have to think Scoop is a given since he's taken his sneaker game to an all new level this year, will be rocking some Jordan Melo Nikes on Friday night against the Indiana State Sycamores. While we are all too old and sedentary here at T3I to pull these off, that doesn't stop us from appreciating how cool these shoes look.

Of course, being gentlemen who are getting up there in years (we're ancient) we've learned fashion is cyclical. Here are a pair of Nikes I wore playing high school hoops...and if you doubt, even for a second, that I once swapped one shoe with a guy on our team who had a green pair (red and green - team colors) then you've underestimated me, because I more certainly did that.  God I can't imagine being a teenager again.

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Cuse Country said...

If they lose on Friday night, we'll know who to blame.