Tuesday, June 14, 2011

John Sterling Continually Fails to Reach Ever-Lowering Bar

If John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman were soft drink executives, they would have been the ones responsible for New Coke. If they were Broadway producers, they'd be working on Spiderman. If they were NFL owners, they'd hire Matt Millen as their next GM. It's no secret they are terrible at their respective jobs -- and we're Yankee fans. In fact, I don't know a single Yankee fan who likes either of them - and there are a million of us out there.

So we had to chuckle when we saw Awful Announcing point out Sterling's latest broadcasting gem.....otherwise known as the case of disappearing base hit, foul ball, out....Although you can't blame John, Nick Swisher is getting harder and harder to see these days.


Realfakesports said...

Must have been thinking about what he's going to say when Jeter gets his 3000th hit.

Anonymous said...

You're right neph. Those two can really hurt the ears. Thank God for satellite radio!!

Uncle Dave