Friday, August 5, 2011

Marinovich-ing the Syracuse Football Team

Syracuse defensive end Mikhail Marinovich made a huge splash at Big East Media Day when he appeared with a mustache that is beyond awesome.

The glorious facial hair of Mikhail Marinovich
But simply growing the 'stache hasn't been enough for Mr. Marinovich.  He's embraced the mustache lifestyle and never misses an opportunity to discuss the present and future plans for that glorious lip warmer of his.  This is evidenced by him telling the yesterday that the mustache wasn't in prime form just yet -- but he did term it "a recent accomplishment."  That is just perfect.  It's so perfect that we here at T3I think more SU leaders should adopt the mustache lifestyle.

Using our mad photoshop (cough - MS Paint) skills, we've decided to take Mikhail's "recent accomplishment" and see how some other football types would look with it.

Head Coach Doug Marrone

Doug doesn't look half bad with the Mikhail stache.  It helps that it has an orange-ish red tint to it
 Quartberback Ryan Nassib

With the 'stache Nassib has more of a riverboat gambler look to him.  I bet if he had this he'd be forcing the ball into coverage more.

Defensive End Chandler Jones

Chandler already embraces facial hair
But it's definitely kicked up a notch when you Marinovich it.

He should probably stick with what he's got, this isn't working
Running Back Antwon Bailey

Much like drugs, Antwon should just say no to old-time mustaches
Former Coach Paul Pasqualoni

Coach P never would have been fired if he manned up and rocked this look
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hahahahahha clasic!! glorius moustache and post

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Hey Neph: Rollie Fingers lives!!

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