Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ebay Item of the Week: Dooley Womack Will Take You High Enough

With baseball playoffs in full swing, we thought we'd honor some Yankee legends with this week's collection of items from the world of online sports memorabilia.  Move over Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle and Jeter, this week we're honoring former Yankee hurler Dooley Womack.  For $5.59 his 1967 Topps card can be yours.

Sporting a career 15-16 record in the Bronx, Dooley spent three years in New York before stops in Houston, Seattle and Oakland.

Since we're on the subject of Yankees, time for a little Nugent-infused '90s power ballad:

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Anonymous said...

I loved Dooley Womack. Who didn't? I mean, Stan Bahnsen was cool, but that name. Dooley! And I thought he was the Utica CLub guy, you know, Schultz & Dooley. I was 11. How could I know otherwise?