Sunday, October 23, 2011

John Marinatto's Plan to Supersize College Football

So the ACC goes to 14.  Talk of 16-team super-conferences continue.  Big East commish John Marinatto apparently sees strength in numbers.  I give you the 32-team merged Big East-Conference USA-Mountain West.

I haven't heard an idea this good since...well...I'll let Bill remind us:

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Cuse Country said...

I don't have any problem with this plan. The BE is about to be populated by C-USA-level programs anyway. Why not give one auto-bid to the "best of the rest" of college football. With 32 teams, you're talking approximately 20% of the FBS schools. There will have to be *at least one* such team each season that is good enough to be considered for a major bowl. Throw them a bone and everyone is happy. (They can then split the money 32 ways.)

The only downside I see is that this will reinforce the BCS system because teams like Boise will no longer be able to complain about being unfairly excluded. It will reduce some of the pressure to institute a playoff.