Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oliver Luck Explains His Comments About Syracuse

West Virginia Athletic Director Oliver Luck is not shy.  When he's not naming coaches-in-waiting, teaching morons about proper t-shirt etiquette, or trying like hell to get West Virginia out of the Big East, you can find Luck speaking his mind any place there's a TV camera or tape recorder.

The other day, when discussing the Big East and it's plans for the future, Luck stated that he would trade Navy and Air Force for Syracuse any day of the week - given the current strength of each school's football program.  Now, in an effort to clarify those remarks, Luck decided to give an interview you Syracuse Newhouse School of Public Communications student Amanda Huginkiss.  That interview is below.

Oliver Luck on Syracuse and the Big East
by: Russianator


tfburgess said...

Ok, Oliver Luck only meant that Syracuse has been consistently bad for 10 years. And they aren’t getting that much better. Syracuse lacks the sophistication in program marketing and building that WVU and frankly Pitt possesses. Remember when the paparazzi asked Brad Pitt why he wears the WVU ball cap? Brad Pitt doesn’t know where West Virginia is...He said, it’s a cool logo. That’s nice marketing. Syracuse? 

The ACC? They’ll never admit it, but my ACC friends, some who are connected with ACC programs, indicated some creeping regret over choosing the ‘Cuse. The regret started when Jim Boeheim committed some truth-telling right after the ADs and prez's announced the theft and said it was all about money. He meant to say all about big-headed college presidents  who think they can play with real leaders in business or the military or maybe their financial advisor who majored in general studies. Or perhaps it was marketing and he flunked out.

Russianator said...

All we were doing was having little fun with a dumb comment your AD made, but since you got all thin-skinned and threw a hissy fit, let's break this down point by point.

1) Yes, WVA has been better for the last 10 years - it's been a dark period for SU football. No one argues this.

2) Aren't getting any better? 8-5 last year - INCLUDING BEATING WEST VIRGINIA - on your home field. There's still a long way to go, but it takes time to rebuild a fb program that was absolutely destroyed. It started last year. You saw it first hand.

3)WVA is superior in program marketing? Because of Brad Pitt? I don't remember the comment, because no one remembers the comment. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but Syracuse has one of the best communications schools in the country - that's why half the media went there. It why MSG is packed every time SU is down there. It's why SU has a nationally recognized brand. It's why the ACC took SU. I'll take that over a stoned brad pitt wearing a WVA hat.

4) The comment on your ACC friends is pretty funny. No decision makers are having creeping regret. The only people who are having creeping regret are fans of programs that like WVA that sit around drinking evan williams whiskey and worrying about the fact that they don't have anywhere to go.

The ACC could have taken WVA in 2003. They didn't. They could have taken them in 2011 - they didn't. See any patterns here?

5) Everyone acknowledges this is about money. That's not a secret. You didn't just crack some code here.

tfburgess said...

Ouch! Sorry about that nerve I brushed up against. No, the ACC friends don't think, they know there is some serious buyer's remorse. Take it from a Pulitzer nominee who didn't grab the opportunity to visit the Cuse school of Communications. Not a bad photography unit, the one that sits on the gigantic fat Pentagon contract to teach sailors how hold a Nikon. Face it! Cuse and Pitt are being seen now for what they are - money-grubbing, ACC wanna-bes.
You think for a minute you'll be part of the ACC club? Wait out in the kitchen and I'll get you a nice soft drink. Yoo-Hoo ok? (for your penance, re-run the Boeheim initial reaction bytes 50 times - not the 2nd sound byte when he clearly knuckled under after his AD called.). Oh, really you OrangeAntlers can stop being so concerned about the BE teams having nowhere to go - we'll be just fine. I know you feel worried, but you can stop getting mad at us to validate yourself and calm your doubts. We didn't leave, You did.

Russianator said...

I'm not mad at you - I was pointing out the idiocy of your AD's statement. You know, the guy that's been trying to get WVU out of the Big East since the second he started.

Enjoy Conference USA buddy.

tfburgess said...

Impressive victory... Wow! The funny part is that some of your ACC colleagues actually think it was. You have one, and only one truth-teller ( don't listen to me ). But do bend your ear in Mr. Boeheim's direction. And try to read between the lines, if you understand what that means. Buh-bye! Yea, C-USA? Any amount you name says you're wrong and that the Ex-CUSE loses to WV until you guys start wrangling with the Duke-sters (no, not b-ball)

Russianator said...

A win is a win. Other than that, I really don't understand your point -- other than the fact that you're mad SU got out and WVU is stuck. Let go of your anger, it won't do you any good.

Anonymous said...

Uh-hemmmm. . . tfburgess. . . how's your crow tasting anyway? And who gives a rat's ass what Brad Pitt thinks about a crumby hat, anyway? What do he, or you, for that matter, know about college sports? Wanna go for best three out of four?? SU's just sayin', "let go of my 'EERs, I know what I'm doin'!"

Anonymous said...

It is fun to look back at tfburgess' comments from a couple weeks ago. I get the sense he won't be back to this string anytime soon...

Buyer's remorse? Guess not.

And the best part of this, we keep Ben's trophy where it belongs. With a little luck (pun!), and more play like Friday night, we get to keep it FOREVER.