Friday, October 7, 2011

Syracuse - Tulane Prediction

We've given up predicting the outcomes of Syracuse football games ourselves around here, frankly it's too much work.  Luckily, recently retired Andy Rooney needed something to do and is serving as our pinch hitter.  Here are Andy's thoughts on Saturday's game.

Syracuse plays Tulane this weekend.  Tulane is coached by a nice man named Bob Toledo.  Like me, his best days were years ago, and like me, he continues to work.  I like that.  It also makes me think of Ohio.  Toledo is a wonderful city.  I used to drive my Studebaker into town and go window shopping for wainscoting in Toledo. They always had the best wainscoting there, but of course these days no one values a good piece of paneling. What I don't understand is without wainscoting, how are people going to cover up the lead paint and asbestos in their homes? We'll all rue the day we ignored wainscoting. Mark my words.

It's too bad this game isn't being played in Toledo.  Instead it's in New Orleans.  I don't like New Orleans. It's rowdy, it smells, and its so loud it blows my ear-hair out of place.  Plus, there's a lot of African Americans down there and I hate the using the term African American. It puts me in a bad mood.

Plus, did you ever notice in New Orleans they call donuts beignets?  I have.  If people in New Orleans don't have enough common sense to call a donut a donut, I don't see any way the University of Tulane can field a competent football team. People that don't understand pastry don't understand life. If Syracuse loses to this bunch of beignet lovers, I'll eat my hat.

Syracuse - 38
Tulane - 23  


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LSU's punter would be SU's starting tailback.
The Marrone is a joke. Wake up SU fans. The program is once again headed in the wrong direction. Hire the Pirate. SU would be national laughingstock if it wasn't so irrelevent.