Sunday, October 2, 2011

This Week In College Football

19-16, bad guys.  Be sure to check out my fellow Idiot Russianator's game thoughts, and as always give Axe's posts a read.  Here's what I picked up on while watching some college pigskin this weekend:

*Wisconsin-Nebraska...that was a lot of red out there

* Speaking of that game, Badger QB Russell Wilson is really fun to watch

* If you had Week 5 as the first "I Can't Believe They Lost That Game" matchup in the Coach P. UConn Era,'re a winner

*  Really weird scene at the Swamp, with about 9 minutes left, CBS showed an overhead shot of Gator fans doing their best Syracuse fan was a full on bomb scare at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

*  One of my favorite trophy games is the "Battle for the Iron Skillet" between TCU and turned out to be a huge win for June Jones and the Mustang program

*  In this weekend's "It Might Be a Future Big East Game of the Week," Air Force bested Navy

*  My past horrible "recreational purposes only" pick history with Clemson is making it hard for me to accept the Tigers as legit this year, although not many teams go into Blacksburg and dominate

*  November 5th can't get here quick enough....LSU-Alabama

* Welcome to the SEC Aggies

* I'm sorry Rutgers, but you're really not that good of a football team

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AJV said...

That Nebraska/Wisconsin game should have been played at noon on ESPN.