Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

While its hard to tell sometimes, we truly appreciate the readers of this site. After more than four years of constant stupidity, we still enjoy doing this silly little blog and we are very thankful for our small, but loyal audience.

Like many Americans, Thanksgiving is our favorite time of year. Overeating, football, more overeating, naps on the couch and more eating -- its the perfect Holiday. In between all of those things it's also a time to reflect on what you are truly thankful for - and while we are thankful for our respective families and friends, we are also thankful to have you, the reader, to interact with and join us in making fun of the world of sports. So thanks for reading and don't be strangers, we love any and all comments and yes, that includes you anonymous "hire Mike Leach" guy.

Have a safe, happy, tryptophan filled Turkey Day. And with that, we bring you the Three Idiots on Sports Thanksgiving tradition - the WKRP in Cincinnati Turkey Drop, featuring the great Les Nessman -- who should never be confused with Munchie Legaux.

And of course, not to be left out, the Cheers food fight.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Poncho Sinatra said...

A Happy Turkey day to the Idiots -
May we always be a little overweight, greying and pasty with a mediocre jump shot.

JM said...

AMEN. And it is not Thankgiving without the WKRP Turkey-Bombing. Again, many thanks.

Champ said...

As god as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.

Eat well my friends.