Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Syracuse Student's Reaction to the Bernie Fine Scandal

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The Bernie Fine scandal is certainly serious and has cast a dark shadow over the Syracuse program. District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick said yesterday that due to the statute of limitations he cannot charge Fine. Now we wait for the federal government to see what exactly Fine's fate will be.

While we are bombarded with Fine related news on a daily basis you have to wonder how the students are reacting to the whole mess.  Well our friends at Rush the Court have a very nice piece on their site from SU student and RTC correspondent Danny Conners about the SU student perspective. It's well done and worth checking out.  Connors explains the students realized the magnitude of the situation and didn't react in a way that would allow the media to pour any more fuel on the fire:
Once we returned to campus after break, we were welcomed by a media blitz. There were television trucks on Marshall Street and reporters roaming University Avenue looking for interviews, but there was oddly no buzz on campus. If you didn’t know there was an ongoing investigation, you would have no idea if you only saw the fortitude exhibited on campus. “I don’t think the reaction to the scandal has been what the national media was looking for,” Ben Glidden, a sophomore from Maine, said. “There weren’t any riots. There were no students crying in the streets. There were just students who understood the magnitude of the situation and were happy with how the university handled it.”
After talking for bit about how students have dealt with the scrutiny, Conners concludes that the scandal has brought the campus closer together:

As a matter of fact, the investigation has actually brought the campus together, according to Wilner, who said, “it’s helped us grow even closer as a university community.” Through the taped phone calls, media blitz, and released statements, it is of utmost importance to realize that this scandal doesn’t reflect on our student body or campus. “You can’t let one man define a university,” Glidden said.
You can read the entire piece here - it's worth a few minutes of your time - Reaction To Bernie Fine From Inside Syracuse.

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