Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ebay Item of the Week: Seikaly Slide

Our Ebay Item of the Week will have you searching the attic and dusting off your slide projector. We think that $9.99 is a steal for a 35mm color slide of former Orangemen Rony Seikaly.

Yearning to relive Rony's Miami Heat glory days? T3I has you covered.

Opening Day - Where Hope Springs Eternal (Except for Mets Fans)

As obnoxious Yankee fans, we here at T3I are excited about Opening Day.  Thanks to baseball's hopelessly screwed up economic system, and the fact that unlike other owners the Steinbrenners aren't afraid to do whatever it takes to win, we know that our team will have a shot come September.  However, if you're a fan of NY's JV team -- courtesy of PM Sports, this is what you have to look forward to.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Play Ball! T3I Baseball Preview

Opening day has arrived. I can't think of any better way to get our loyal readers ready for the regular season than a trip back in time to Jose Canseco's baseball camp. With a Youtube tag of "full of full of twitches, stutters, horrible English, and horror intro music" you can thank us later. Enjoy.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Three Idiots Big East Awards

As we await a what can only be described as an unlikely Final Four, we thought we'd put a bow on the 2010-11 Big East season by honoring the greatest conference this country has ever seen with the first - and possibly last - Three Idiots Big East Awards.

Think about it -- not only did the Big East put a record 11 teams into the tournament, the Final Four has more Big East teams than the Big Ten, PAC Ten, Big 12 and ACC combined -- and let's face it folks, you can't argue with math.

While these are new awards, rest assured they are up the standards you've all come to love and respect here at Idiots on Sports. We've actually modeled them after another prestigious Hollywood award -- the Golden Globes.  Here is a mock up of the actual trophy -- which is a replica of Selma Hayek and her wonderful Golden Globes, which seems appropriate:

The T3I Big East awards are modeled after some fantastic globes

In fact, each winner will receive a Golden Idiot trophy  (as long as they pay for shipping, handling, a small administration fee, and can help us create a trophy that looks like the picture above).

We've got a full program and don't want to run long - so let's start handing out some Golden Idiot awards:

The T3I 2010-11 Big East Idiot Awards

Player of the Year: As Syracuse fans it kills us to give any UConn player any credit for anything, but some things are too hard to ignore. Kemba Walker wins the award for putting up the following stats:

23.9 points per game, 0 stolen lap tops, no attempts to get back donations from the athletic director, no future suspensions for NCAA violations (yet) and zero attempts teach us how to Kemba. He better enjoy the award since we will never acknowlege another accomplishment from this program ever.

Coach of the Year: The Big East is filled with great coaches.  Jim Boeheim and Jim Calhoun are in the Hall of Fame.  Buzz Williams is a rising star.  Rick Pitino has won a national title and John Thompson III has actually met some great coaches.  Needless to say, this was a hard category to choose a winner.  However, when we looked at all the data, the choice was clear -- there's only one coach who was responsible for 17 regular season wins -- and that coach is former DePaul head man Jerry Wainwright.  While he didn't actually coach this year, Jerry left the cupboard so bare that the Blue Demons gave up wins as easy as Snookie gives up the goods on a Saturday night at the Jersey Shore.  In fact, Jerry would have been responsible for 18 wins, but Keno Davis was too busy plotting a career as a game show host to actually beat the Blue Demons.
Jerry Wainwright, the T3I Coach of the Year
Bob the Builder Award: Laying bricks is no easy feat, but a review of the stats revealed one man who rose above all the rest. West Virginia's Truck Bryant managed to hoist up almost 300 shots this year and only 33 percent of them went in. If this economy ever turns around, Mr. Bryant has bright career because every one needs a good bricklayer.

The Coach Who Was Probably an Extra in a 1990s Teen Movie: Take one suit, one mock turtleneck, a healthy dash of LA Looks styling product put them in the blender and you know what you get -- Notre Dame head coach Mike Brey.  You can just picture him in the role of a teacher chaperoning a high school dance while the cool kids spike the punch and figure out where to hook up.

No one is more committed to the mock turtleneck than Mike Brey
The Coach Dressed Most Like a Local Golf Pro: While not a surprise, we have a run away winner in Bob 'Huggy Bear' Huggins, who comes into every contest looking like he could coach or a game, or play a quick 18 at St. Andrews.

How windy can it honesly be in basketball arenas?
The Player Whose Name Lou Holtz Could Never Pronounce: Alex Oriakhi from UConn is the winner here. We'd pay good money to see Lou spit all over Mark May trying to get that one out. I think Fake Lou actually speaks better than real Lou:

The Jim Mora-Mike Gundy Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Performances in Post-Game Press Conferences: Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim is many things in his post-game pressers. He's funny, honest, critical, grumpy, he fights with microphones and from time to time he likes to take issue with his local beat reporters. This year he hit all those marks and then some.  Don't believe us - just ask Donna Ditota about it....I'm sure that as long as she doesn't compare Jim's pressers to Rick Pitino's, everything will work out just fine. In the meantime, let's watch the 10 f'n games press conference, done by women in bikinis, again....

The Brett Favre Color Blind Award: This one goes to Vincent Council of Providence, who managed to lead the league in turnovers at 3.4 per game.

The Team Most in Need of Group Therapy Award: This award that honors a team who doesn't know how to share -- and when that topic comes up, the South Florida Bulls are the obvious choice. USF ended the year last in the league in assists at 12.3 per game at 12.3. Clearly the Bulls never learned that caring is sharing.

The American Mustache Institute "Best Groomed Lip Warmer" Award: In a conference with men like Oliver Purnell and John Thompson III dedicated to the 'stache, the competition was fierce, however Stan Heath rose above the rest. No one trims a mustache quite like Stan Heath.

Stan may not win many games, but he's a winner in the game of mustache

The Coach Most Likely to Hit on Your Wife Award: While the easy answer here would seem to be Rick Pitino, unless your wife hangs out by herself late night in Italian restaurants, Rick's no threat. However, keep an eye on the now fired Keno Davis - he's desperate, he's unemployed and just has that look about him.

Keep an eye on this guy

The Bomber Most Likely to be Used in an Attack on Libya Award: This award goes to Louisville's Preston Knowles, who took almost 8 threes a game. He's obviously very comfortable bombing from long range.

The Denial isn't a River in Egpyt Award: This one goes to Syracuse senior Rick 'Action" Jackson, who lead the league in blocks.

The Cheerleader Most Likely to Get Propositioned Later: This Georgetown cheerleader because if Bubba didn't stop by after this game, we're sure Steve Phillips gave her a call.

The Hazzard County All-Star: The award goes to Connecticut's Roscoe Smith -- whose parents must have been big fans of the iconic 80s show. His dog named Flash is undoubtedly excited.

The Jim Brown Premature Retirement Award: This one goes to Timmy Higgins and Jimmy Burr who quit working 1.7 seconds early during the St. John's game of the Big East Tournament.  Sadly, unlike Jim Brown on the football field, these two clowns aren't going away.

The Chuck Woolery Best Name for a Game Show Host: Former Providence coach Keno Davis, who is actually working less than Chuck these days.  Maybe he'll be back in 2 and 2.

The Player Most Likely To Induce Cardiac Stress to His Own Fans: This one goes to Scoop 'the Defibrillator" Jardine, for making every trip up and down the court a wild adventure.

The Player Who Looks Like The Goofy Kid from a 1990's Teen Movie Trying to get the Girl at the Dance Mike Brey is Chaperoning: Meet Tyler Olander - Mike Brey probably will.

And finally we'll close with:

The Coach Who Looks Most Like His School's Mascot: John Thompson III from Georgetown. We don't know what the hell a Hoya is either, but whatever it is, it looks like JTIII.

John Thompson III and the Georgetown Hoya - a match made in heaven

Thank you all for watching, but sure to tune in next year at this time, when we'll probably forget to do these awards. In the meantime, like us on Facebook.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

We've got your back Shaka.

"Thanks Craig. But first and foremost we'd like to thank the Three Idiots for throwing all of their support behind us. This win is dedicated to them."

~VCU Head Coach Shaka Smart crediting T3I after his team's 71-61 win over Kansas.

Move over Phils

News this week out of the Bronx is that the Bombers signed pitcher Kevin Millwood to a minor league contract. A potential rotation of Millwood, Prior, Colon and Garcia conjures up memories of some of the most impressive rotations of all time including the 90s Braves and this year's Phillies squad. Oh wait, it's no longer 2002? How long have we been sleeping?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ebay Item of the Week: Chuck's Drawers

There's nothing I've enjoyed more this March than turing on the CBS pre-game show, slipping on my Charels Barkely game-worn shorts, and settling in for some expert college basketball analysis from the Round Mound of Rebound.

Chuck going after Billy Packer...sign me up:

Syracuse Football: The Discussion Finally Turns

Things quickly got much better after Greg Robinson left

Graphic: Yahoo Sports

Thanks to the blinding ineptitude of Greg Robinson, Syracuse football spent 4 dark years as a national laughingstock. After the 2009 season, Doug Marrone's first, close observers new a transformation was underway. However, to national media and casual fans, it was just another 4-8 Syracuse team. The same old Syracuse team.

Well, thanks to 8-5 season and thrilling win over Kansas State in the Pinstripe Bowl, the worm has finally turned. National writers and people who don't follow the team - like the entire sports staff at the Orlando Sentinel, can no longer flip open a notebook and do off-season ranking that state that Syracuse is the 104th best team in college football.

Case in point, Matt Hinton, who writes Yahoo's Dr. Saturday blog (always a great read) has an off-season assessment of the team up and running that asks - Syracuse is out of the hole, now what?  Go check it out - it's a well done piece that doesn't sugarcoat the challenges the Orange will face this year - but also doesn't simply pretend that since the team stunk in the past, it will stink again.  In fact, the best case/worst case scenarios are much different than we've been accustomed to -- with 5-7 being the floor, rather than the ceiling.

The national media are no longer just assuming that Syracuse football stinks. It may not sound like much, but it's another small victory for Doug Marrone as he builds a program that's on its way to being consistently parked in the top 25.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

At Least St. John's Fans Won at Drinking

Guyism brings us this wonderful clip of a St. John's fan who took the time to break down the team's loss to Gonzaga with a NY1 reporter. Our fearless analyst provides some deep insight, thoughtful analysis, a lot of head tilting and a BAC of .25 to the segment.

Wesley Matthews Ate Some Basketball

Courtesy of SB Nation, we bring you this ridiculous block JaVale McGee put on Wesley Matthews tonight.  All I can say is -- eat leather Wesley Matthews.  Get that sh*t outta here. May you never get a shot off again. And why are we posting a block from a relatively meaningless NBA regular season game?  Because Wesley Matthews went to Marquette, that's why (and it's a sick block). It's good to see I'm adjusting so well to the SU loss......

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Who do we follow now?

Well that stunk. The NCAA's field of 68 dwindled down to a Sweet 16 this weekend sans our beloved Syracuse Orange. If your Monday was anything like mine, it was spent avoiding ESPN and sports talk radio at all costs. But like an old flame that's broken your heart one-too-many times, we find the NCAA Tournament way too hard to resist. Who are we kidding? We've got another weekend in front of us planted on the couch watching hoops, listening to NAPA commercials, and shoving unhealthy snacks down our pie-holes. In other words:

So what team is a Syracuse fan left to pull for? Well first and foremost everyone should be for whatever team will help you in your (for recreational purposes only) office pools. Those allegiances aside, T3I offers up our Bandwagon Guide to help our fellow idiots sift through the remaining sixteen squads left battling for this year's title. Let's break it down:


Duke: Seriously, do we need to justify? You never, ever root for Duke.

UNC: See above. I like to compare the Duke-UNC rivalry to the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s. There's no good guy here. Full disclosure, I have a DEEP anti-ACC bias.

UConn: Spare me the "we need to support the Big East" argument. The worst fans in the Big East make this one a no-brainer. You really want these guys to have another title?

Richmond-: Do you even have to ask?


Florida State- Another ACC villain. These guys escape the "No Way" grouping only because of the bone Bobby Bowden threw us in 2004 by helping us round out our football schedule in the wake of the ACC's raid on the Big East.

Ohio State: A really good team in a really bad conference.

Kentucky: Calipari = smug. Also, see 1996. Moving on.

Wisconsin: Bo Ryan really plays an exciting brand of basketball. And by exciting I mean "makes me want to stab my eyes out with a dull pencil."

Florida: I'm still having nightmares over that Gators squad that won back-to-back titles. Personally, I miss the Billy Donovan Orlando Magic era.


Marquette: All pain aside, I can't really justify hating this team. Plus, we have a potential reality superstar in the making with Buzz Williams.

Butler: Maybe we should rename this group the "Hey They Beat Syracuse Group." Bonus points for their part in an unbelievable ending versus Pitt.

Kansas: We got them in '03 and this might be the best team to derail Ohio State.

Arizona: Besides a 1987 loss in the Great Alaska Shootout to the Wildcats, I don't hold much animosity towards this team.


BYU: All aboard the Jimmer Express.

San Diego State: When did Steve Fisher turn 90 by the way? Boy that guy has aged.


VCU: The Colonial League is a guilty pleasure of the Idiots. Between George Mason's Final Four run and the Russianator's fake alma matter, Old Dominion, we follow this league a little closer than other mid-majors. However, let's focus on what this team has going for it.

Underdog- check.

Beat Duke in 2007- check.
Good enough for us:

Farewell Rick Jackson

Rick 'Action' Jackson played his last game in Orange Sunday night.  Citrus TV has a short video of his teammates talking about how muck Big Rick meant to the program - and he meant a lot.

Watch Doug Hogue Tackle People

Frustrated wtih the way the Syracuse basketball season ended? Most of us are -- and there's no better way to take out that frustration than through the celebration of violence.

Syracuse linebacker Doug Hogue did his share hitting people during his time at Syracuse. He's a prospect NFL teams are considering as the NFL draft approaches and is rated by this service as the 16th best outside linebacker prospect in the country. With that said, watch Doug tackle people, it will help - at least a little.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Finished Business: Marquette Ends the Syracuse Season

The Syracuse season comes to an end
With a 66-62 defeat at the hands of Marquette, the Syracuse Orange joined eight other Big East teams who didn't make it out the opening weekend of the NCAA tournament. Syracuse was beaten soundly on the boards and coughed the ball up far too many times to realistically expect to advance.

The game was a microcosm of the entire Syracuse year -- a team of talented players made more mental errors than their physical talents could overcome, and ultimately that's why they won't be playing in Newark next weekend.

In a sickening replay of the two team's January match up, Marquette made a huge three pointer at the end of the game and Syracuse wasn't able to respond, settling for a contested Scoop Jardine three point shot that never had a chance of going in. No go-to guy ever really emerged this year and in the end, that sealed the team's fate. I'll do a season recap later this week, here are a couple of quick thoughts on the game:

- Basketball is a simple game on paper. Executing is another matter. You can't turn the ball over 18 times and expect to win.

- Great offensive game for Dion Waiters, he stepped up big time on the offensive end after Brandon Triche got injured early in the second half. He still needs to do a better job of playing defense with his feet.

- You watched the game, it was a rough night for Scoop. Let's leave it at that.

- Fab Melo was hyper-aggressive, bordering on criminal out there. He picked up 3 fouls in 5 minutes of play and it could have been more.

- Kris Joseph, the dumb intentional foul aside, really worked hard on defense and hit the glass hard, something he didn't do every game this year.

- According to tweets from the Post Standard crew, Baye Keita was sick and didn't play much.

- James Southerland made a couple of big shots in the first half, but once again couldn't find the mark from long range in half two.

- Obviously it wasn't the way we all wanted to see Rick Jackson go out. You will be missed big fella. You have the heart of a champion.

- Buzz Williams knew that to win the game he'd have to make it a rock fight. It worked.

- The committee did SU no favors by giving them a Big East team in the second round.

- Can college basketball PLEASE institute the half circle under the hoop where you can't take a charge like the NBA does? The amount of charges in college basketball is out of control.

- The end of the season is never fun - it's what makes the beginning of next year seem so far away.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Jim Boeheim's Press Conferences Just Got Sexy

A big thanks to CK for finding a video of girls in bikinis reading -- and butchering -- transcripts from Jim Boeheim press conferences. This is pure gold.

Fab Melo is Almost the Best

Fab Melo clearly has the NCAA Tournament's best name
While we love Syracuse big man Fab Melo, we can all agree this season hasn't exactly gone as planned.  It's safe to say you haven't heard "Fab Melo" and "the best" in too many sentences this year.  However, when you are talking about who has the best name in the NCAA tournament -- it's clear the big fella kicks some serious ass.  It doesn't get much better than Fab (just ask Milli Vanilli) and Melo and Syracuse go together like chocolate and peanut butter or better yet, Bass and Guiness.

What is a shame is that he's only number 2 on NESN's list, losing out to Jimmer Fredette.  Jimmer-mania is great and we all love watching the kid play, but simple math tells us here a T3I that Fab > Jimmer.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Syracuse Orange Will Kick the Orange Up a Notch

Via - some SU players, and you have to think Scoop is a given since he's taken his sneaker game to an all new level this year, will be rocking some Jordan Melo Nikes on Friday night against the Indiana State Sycamores. While we are all too old and sedentary here at T3I to pull these off, that doesn't stop us from appreciating how cool these shoes look.

Of course, being gentlemen who are getting up there in years (we're ancient) we've learned fashion is cyclical. Here are a pair of Nikes I wore playing high school hoops...and if you doubt, even for a second, that I once swapped one shoe with a guy on our team who had a green pair (red and green - team colors) then you've underestimated me, because I more certainly did that.  God I can't imagine being a teenager again.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jay Bilas Thinks the Orange Are Tree Killers

If Syracuse fans generally hate Doug Gottlieb, Jay Bilas is at the exact opposite end of the spectrum.  The ESPN commentator, former Dukie and lawyer is a guy we almost universally love -- and his latest tweet proves why.  It's safe to say Jay isn't picking Indiana State to upset the Orange.

Doug Gottlieb Needs to Use the Vibrate Setting

Via Awful Announcing we bring you video of Syracuse fan-favorite Doug Gottlieb's cell phone going off on live TV. Some words of advice to Doug - use the vibrate setting man. Even my mom knows how to get her phone to do that.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Best One Shining Moment Ever

To commemorate the start of the NCAA Tournament, let's all take a few minutes and watch the greatest one shining moment video ever - that's right, the 2003 version.  It never gets old.

Indiana State is Statistically Boring

Syracuse snags a three seed

Syracuse takes on the Indiana State Sycamores around 10 pm Friday (pace yourself people, that's a long time to booze before tip off, especially for people like me who take the day off) to begin another marvelous journey through the NCAA tournament.  I'll be honest, I know next to nothing about Indiana State, other than it is Larry Bird's alma mater and they won Arch Madness this year.

However, quick glance at Indiana State's season statistics and a few things pop out:
  • No one guy is going to beat you.  Their high scorer averaged 11 points per game and they have 5 guys averaging more than 8 points per game.
  • Their leading rebounder is a 6'5" wing player named Carl Richard.
  • They play a deliberate style, averaging 66.5 ppg, which is 242nd in the nation.
  • In terms of busting SU's zone, they've got a lot of guys who have the green light from beyond the arc.  Seven guys have taken more than 40 threes.  The best three point shooter who regularly plays in Jordan Printy, who makes an outstanding 48% of his attempts.
  • In terms of guys with weird names, they've got Aaron Carter, who is not this guy, and Steve McWhorter, who must have got in a ton of fights in school.
  • Now that we've got that out of the way, let's watch Larry Bird in really short shorts play college basketball.

Friday, March 11, 2011

For Jim Boeheim, the End is Closer than the Beginning

Jim Boeheim, still working hard

ESPN's Ian O'Connor has a fantastic piece on Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim.  While it's no secret the 66 year old Hall of Famer won't coach forever, he tells Ian he "won't be here in four years."  While we won't believe it until he's actually gone, it will be a strange and sad day when the Jim Boeheim isn't on the sideline of Jim Boeheim Court.

Syracuse Melos St. John's

Fab Melo went from boy to man in Madison Square Garden

It took 30 games for the light to go on for Syracuse freshman center Fab Melo and unfortunately for St. John's -- it was on in a huge way during Syracuse's 79-73 win over the Red Storm in the Big East tournament. In the post-game interview a happy Jim Boeheim said something very interesting -- he said that with the way his team was playing they had a chance to do something. It was followed by a smirk.

Now I study Jim Boeheim like Glen Beck studies Insanity for Dummies, so when the Hall of Famer says something like that, you believe it, because he's not genetically programmed to bullshit people. The irascible old ball coach can't help but speak the truth.  If he believes it, he's going to tell you.  Doesn't always make him right (like some of his dealings with the media) but when it comes to basketball, he's usually dead on the money.

In the summer of 2002 Boeheim was telling anyone who would listen that while Carmelo was coming, Gerry McNamara would also be something special. Before the 2009-10 season he was telling everyone how good Wes Johnson was. We know how those proclamations turned out.

So this past summer when Boeheim was very complimentary of Fab Melo, expectations rose. And when Fab didn't play up to par, it was curious. Had Boeheim lost his eye for talent? That was unlikely. What it meant was Melo's talent was there - it just wasn't showing. Well now it is and its once again proving the coach who has forgotten more about basketball than most of us will ever know, is once again on the money.

So a couple of weeks ago when he said SU's big men were getting better he wasn't blowing smoke up our butts, he was telling the truth. And when he says this team can "do something" it means, keep an eye out in March.

Tonight, the big men -- specifically Melo -- made the difference as Syracuse did what it couldn't do last year - win its first game in the Big East tournament coming off the dreaded double-bye.

The win was all about two players - Fab Melo and Brandon Triche. Melo shook off a poor season to score 12 huge points and grab 4 big rebounds and Triche shook off a poor first half to put up 15 second half points while doing a little bit of everything to carry his team to victory.

In a down year for college basketball, there's no reason why this Syracuse team can't do some real damage in the NCAA tournament.  How much damage they do will largely be based on how well Brandon Triche and Fab Melo play.  If they play like today, it could be a fun March. 

Syracuse faces a UConn team playing its fourth game in four days Friday night in the Garden.  It should be fun.  In the meantime - here's more Fab:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Listen to the Ramblings of an Idiot

Things have a been a little slow around here the past week -- we've both been busy. Life can sometimes take time away from writing dopey posts on the internet that no one reads. Rest assured, we've got more idiotic stuff coming your way. In the mean time, I've spent the last couple of days doing some interviews, so if you're missing your idiot fix, you can check them out here.

Tuesday night I was a guest on Beckoning the BCS, hosted by North Carolina blogger Alex of the 5th corner.  Next Tuesday night they are having an NCAA prediction contest and the winner gets $100 gift card.  Check the link above for more details. You can listen below, my segment starts at about the 39 minute mark.

Listen to internet radio with CLNSRadio on Blog Talk Radio

And Wednesday I was a guest on Matt Mc's Sports Fix - where we chatted about the Big East tournament. Thanks again to Matt for having me on - I always have a blast talking to him. If you are interested, the podcast is here (the link opens in a new window). My segment starts an hour and 29 minutes in.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jim Burr and Tim Higgins Retire - Fail to tell the Big East

Jim Burr and crew trying to beat rush hour traffic today
Everyone's favorite referees Jim Burr and Tim Higgins had the pleasure of working the St. John's - Rutgers game together at the Big East Tournament and since Timmy and Jimbo are getting up there in age, they decided to call it a career tonight and retire with 1.7 seconds left in the game....after Justin Brownlee of St. John's had traveled AND had thrown the ball into the stands.  If you haven't seen the glaring ineptitude (and you probably have by now) check it out for yourself.

We've railed on the age and workloads of officials on this blog many times in the past.  None of those arguments change.  The  failure to address poor officiating is going to ruin a game or two in the NCAA tournament next week.  Mark my words.  So while Rutgers got royally screwed tonight, and the NCAA admitted the errors, I doubt it will change anything.

However, what it won't do is stop us from making jokes - and the possibilites are endless.  Such as:

- What did Jim Burr and Tim Higgins give up for lent?  Calling the last two seconds of games.

- Why did Jim Burr and Tim Higgins leave the floor early?  They had to make the early bird special at the Ponderosa in West Orange New Jersey.

- The Big East has admitted two officiating errors in the St. John's game.  They were Tim Higgns and Jim Burr. Joke via Justin Phillips.

Finally, Our First George Papadakos Post

Photo: Manny Millan, SI

Here's a great trip down memory lane for long-time Cuse fans. Check out SI's "Classic Photos of the Big East Tournament" gallery. Besides this photo of former Orange and Sparty legend George Papadakos, other highlights include:

* a Patrick Ewing facial on Rony Seikaly

* Sherm...MVP....old cursive "Syracuse" uniforms....classic

* Constantin Popa.....I said Constantin Popa! Popa-Papadakos, steel-cage match, someone make this happen

* Donovan McNabb

* A really young Allen Iverson

* Overrated?!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ESPN to Invite All 16 Big East Teams to the NCAA Tournament

The Big East is the nation's best basketball conference. It's the largest, deepest, and will most likely set a record for the number of teams it places in this year's tournament. Right now it appears 11 teams are in the running for a bid. However, none of those 11 teams happen to be Seton Hall. However, that didn't stop the world wide leader from placing this on the site's homepage this afternoon.

Only in the land of ESPN is Seton Hall on the NCAA Tourney Bubble

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rick Jackson Goes Out a Winner, Syracuse Flattens DePaul

Rick Jackson dunked more on DePaul than a cop in a donut shop
Photo: Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

On senior night in the Carrier Dome, the Syracuse Orange did to the DePaul Blue Demons what a baby does to a diaper, destroying an overmatched program that should be playing in Conference USA 107-59.  The game was a blow out almost from the start, with the Orange quickly running out to a 20 point lead and it ended with more than 4 minutes of playing time for Brandon Reese. 

In between Rick Jackson dunked -- a lot -- and every other player wearing Orange made a ton of shots.  Even Fab Melo got into the action, scoring a  career high 10 points, besting everyone's favorite Orangeman Mookie Jones, who tallied 9.  If you missed the game, here it is in 30 seconds - DePaul is the bird.

For Syracuse fans it was a bit of sweet revenge from the 2006 thrashing DePaul gave the Orange. That night everything the Blue Demons threw up went in. Yesterday, it was just the opposite.  Syracuse barely missed and could have scored 140 if Boeheim had played the starters more. Of course in 2006, Syracuse bounced back to win the Big East tournament.  This year DePaul will be lucky to stay in NYC long enough to get a couple of dogs and drink at Gray's Papaya.

I haven't figured out exactly what DePaul brings to the Big East table - other than allowing Marquette to take a bus to one game a year. They concluded a miserable season with a pathetic display against SU. Let's put it this way, if DePaul's performance was a first pitch, it would have been this:

When one team plays as well as Syracuse did and the other plays as poorly as DePaul -- especially when DePaul has a talent deficit the size of the national debt when compared to the rest of the Big East, you aren't going to learn much about either team. So there's no real point in doing any detailed break down of what we saw. It was however a great way to send out Rick Jackson, a player who came to Syracuse as a raw freshman and as Cuse Country points out, greatly evolved throughout his career.

Thanks to the Seton Hall win over St. John's earlier this week, the Orange now have a an extra day off before beginning play Thursday in the Big East tournament. After the performance they had yesterday, SU certainly earned it.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ebay Item of the Week: Swift Jayhawks

A big thanks to Brian over at CuseOrange for sending us a fantastic item up for auction over at the Kansas Athletics web site. A lucky fan somewhere shelled out $1,005 for a Taylor Swift autographed Jayhawks basketball jersey. Brian brings up a good point, when does the Samantha Ryan autographed jersey go up for bid? I bet Charlie Sheen already has one in his rec room.

Folks, check out what Brian and the gang have going on over at CuseOrange. While you're at it, give them a follow on Twitter.

Let's use this Kansas post as an excuse to throw up a clip of "The Block." This is a Syracus blog after all.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mike Singletary Needed Charlie Sheen

Fired San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Singletary once epically told us he wanted winners. Obviously things didn't work out so well for Mike, as a lack of winning led to him getting canned after the season. However, in the past couple of days we've learned Charlie Sheen is America's number one winner. If you put Mike's desire together with Charlie's proven winning attitude, things might have turned out differently for Mike.