Thursday, February 9, 2012

Five Observations From Syracuse's Victory Over Georgetown

For Hoya Suxa the mission has been accomplished, the Hoyas were destroyed

The Syracuse Orange defeated the hated Georgetown Hoyas in overtime last night, winning 64-61. Let that be a lesson to you people - good always prevails over evil - unless you're dealing with your insurance company, then you're screwed.

Here are five quick observations on the win.

1. Obviously SU doesn't win without Fab Melo last night. His improvement has been so dramatic and he's so far ahead of Baye Keita and Rakeem Christmas that I'm convinced Syracuse wouldn't win the Big East without him. He's that good.

2. Jim Boeheim was rightfully pissed about the rebounding problems last night and much of that stems from the build of the team. SU doesn't have a true power forward on the roster. Christmas starts but is almost always out of the game before the first TV timeout. CJ Fair is a willing rebounder, but he's not big enough to hold his own and Kris Joseph would rather bath with rattlesnakes than put his ass into someone and go get the ball.

Everyone's hero Doug Gottlieb correctly pointed out on Sportscenter last night that the guards have to do a better job as well. Scoop and Dion in particular  are too eager to leak out on the break rather than track down the ball.

3. Rebounding woes aside, holy hell Kris Joseph was amazing on the offensive end of the floor. He shot over the top of the Georgetown zone and when the Hoyas went man to man he beat his guy off the dribble and got to the rim. This isn't exactly insightful, but it was clearly the best offensive game of his career - because no one else really got it going. Say it with me, Kris Joseph - go to guy.

4. The great Anish Shroff of ESPN (SU Alum) dubbed Dion Waiters the Retweeter last night. As far as I'm concerned, that's his name from now on. It seems to me the spectacular early season play of the Retweeter has gone to his head. Early in the year the Retweeter was beating guys off the dribble and sharing the ball. Now he's looking for his shot too much, even when other guys (cough - K. Joseph - cough) were red hot. The fact that Scoop and the Retweeter couldn't get Joseph a look at the end of regulation was inexcusable. That isn't exactly humble and hungry play.

5.  Don't worry people, Brandon Triche is safe and sound in the witness protection program. For all the talk about SU's depth -- and the team is crazy deep - six guys had more than 5 minutes of playing time last night. At the end of the day, Boeheim is who he is - a guy that is going to find his guys and ride them.  It's working, so I'm not complaining - just pointing it out.

Go Orange


Anonymous said...

Great Post Neph!

A good ugly Big East win. It's a shame that this rivalry is coming to an end. All this conference shifting sucks, although we probably had no choice with all of the poaching.

Uncle Dave

Anonymous said...

my god, when will SU move away from their horrible long distance shooting?? how many games has it been where the competition has been alowed to "hang on" when the cuse clangs a 3 point attempt into the defenders waiting hands for a 10 point run?