Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Brief Lesson on Marriage, Responsibility and Parenthood

There is an outside chance I'll actually be in Boston tomorrow night for Syracuse's Sweet Sixteen match up with Vampire Bo Ryan's Wisconsin team. It's a developing situation and one that is not important to the brief story I am about to tell.

In 2003 Champ. Boss and I did some road tripping, attending Syracuse's tournament games in Boston and then Albany on their run to the National Title in New Orleans. This year, with a team that has a legitimate shot at getting back to New Orleans, and not too distant tournament venues in Pittsburgh and Boston, it would have seemed like a no-brainer to get on the road and get cheering.

Alas, how times change. Champ is a father of young children, Boss has relocated to Maryland and I have a two month old son and a new house that isn't even unpacked. Loading up the car, hitting the road and following the Orange around is more difficult these days, especially since our kids are so young and we all have jobs that sometimes get in the way of life's frivolities.

However, that doesn't mean a man can dream - so I present to you a Google chat exchange I had yesterday with a very good friend and huge SU fan (not champ or boss) who is trying to make plans to attend the Elite 8 game in Boston - should SU make  it that far. He is presently located in NYC, whereas I live in Albany.

The names have been changed to protect the guilty:

Mr. X: by the way, if we win thursday, when are you picking me up at the train station in ALB to head over on Sat? The baby will understand when he gets older

Me: you tell me what time you're getting in and I'll figure out how to escape

Mr. X: I love your wife more than anyone, but I'll do your divorce for free (editor note - he's a laywer)

Me: I really need to start taking advantage of free legal services

Mr. X: If we get tickets, its a condition precedent (editors note - this wouldn't be a problem - might not be cheap, but wouldn't be a problem)

Mr. Me: done and done. the kid will be fine - he's too young to think the divorce is his fault

Mr. X: he won't even remember it

Now obviously this was all done tongue in cheek, I'm not divorcing my wife and running off to Boston for the weekend, but there are two important lessons all you kids out there should learn:

1) Never get old
2) Responsibility blows

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Gatorade said...

Couldn't of said it any better myself!