Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ebay Items of the Week: Sean Williams Is Cleaning Out His Closet

Photo: AP
Are you wondering what former Orangemen 7-footer Sean Williams is up to lately?   Well neither are we.

However, after a brief glimpse into the world of  online sports memorabilia, it appears Sean is cleaning out his closet as someone is hawking the complete collection of his game worn Syracuse jerseys.  We're talking the home white, road orange, and blue alternate.  While we're at it, keep an eye on these additional beauties: the white warm up,  blue warm up, and practice jersey.

Craving some more Sean?   Let's give you four minutes of bad quality practice video of Sean with no sound:

1 comment:

Russianator said...

"Game used?" - wouldn't he have had to actually PLAY in games for this stuff to be game used?