Monday, May 7, 2012

The End of an Error: The Johnny Marinatto Pasta Bowl is Empty

John Marinatto spent too much like with his head in the sand

Brett McMurphy reports that Big East Commissioner John Marinatto resigned this morning after being asked to do so by the league presidents - thus ending Johnny Boy's ill-fated reign as the head honcho of a once proud conference.

Readers of this space know we aren't fans of Marinatto's work - and let's face it - when San Diego State is all set to play in the Big East, it's pretty clear things have gone completely off the rails.

To be fair,  the conference unraveling wasn't entirely his fault, as the current chaos that surrounds college athletics was set in motion years ago - but in a brutal dog eat dog world Marinatto was a chihuahua wearing milk-bone underwear. Against pitbulls like John Swofford, he didn't stand a chance.

With the reign of error over, let's look back fondly at some of the fun times we've had with John:

It was clear from the outset, John was more into the Neville Chamberlain style of diplomacy - and sending roses doesn't work out too well when you're up against a bunch of conference commissioners who are focused on taking what they want.

So last fall after all hell had broken loose, it was no surprise that even with an angel in the background, Marinatto didn't get it.

But let's give him credit, he did have the secret combination that would save the Big East:

John Marinatto on the Future of the Big East

He came up with the master plan after first trying to bring in Paul Tagliabue to help sort things out, but that didn't exactly go according to plan:

And in the end, when TCU left before ever playing a game in the conference a clear message was sent to Marinatto:

TCU had a clear message for the Big East

So in the end, even crazy dreams to REALLY SUPERSIZE Big East couldn't save John - and that's too bad. Because with SU safely in the ACC, his firing has robbed us of great future material.

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