Monday, November 26, 2012

Doug Marrone: Top NFL Coaching Candidate?

As Syracuse fans already know, the job Doug Marrone has done to turn around the football program has been remarkable. From flaming dumpster fire Greg Robinson left behind to bowl games in two out of the last three years, Marrone has the formerly proud program headed back upward. One needs no further evidence of that than the Orange's 5-1 record to conclude the 2012 season.

Sure there have been plenty of bumps along the way, but the bottom line is that this program is miles ahead of where it was just four short years ago and that's directly attributable to the man at the top.

Others are now starting to take notice, as evidenced by Doug showing up on Peter King's list of the top 15 coaching candidates for NFL jobs. The list is broken out into 5 college candidates and 10 current NFL assistants.

King developed the list, "per chats with front office people in the last two weeks." In order, the Sports Illustrated writer has his top five college candidate as:

1. Chip Kelly, Oregon
2. David Shaw, Stanford
3. Brian Kelly, Notre Dame
4. Kirk Ferentz, Iowa (even coming off the bad season at Iowa, he's well-respected in the NFL)
5. Doug Marrone, Syracuse

Marrone's NFL pedigree, the success of former boss Sean Payton, and of course the job he's done at SU all come into play. I can't see Marrone leaving for another college program and based just on a gut feel, I can't see him leaving SU just yet -- as there's clearly more to accomplish but I do know this -- when your coach is being talked about as someone other people want - it's a much better thing than wondering if he's headed for the unemployment line.

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