Tuesday, January 1, 2013

GRob 2.0

"Daryl, there's a reason I kept the orange sweater vest in storage."

The internets are all abuzz with the talk of Doug Marrone interviewing for a potential NFL head coaching gig.  If he does move on, the focus in CNY will turn to Doug's replacement.  Following the lead of Barry Alvarez and Bill Snyder, we've assembled a collective list of reasons to bring back Greg Robinson:

*  he still has his Wegman's Shopper's Club card

* he could finally drop off his overdue copy of The Little Engine That Could to the Onondaga County Public Library

*  Return of "spread out, you have a whole row to yourself" for Dome attendees

*  No more fighting for game day parking spots on the hill

*  Pumpkin uniforms...bring 'em back

*  Forget a practice facility, increased attendance, or cowbell, what the Orange need is more beaver

*  ACC coaches HIGHLY endorse this idea

*  snowball....hee hee hee....catching fire....hee hee hee

*  Ala Gerry McNamara and Kia, there are plenty of endorsement opportunities in CNY for GRob

*  Nobody reads a Wikipedia page like our boy Greg:

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