Thursday, May 2, 2013

Exclusive: How Mike Vick Beat LeSean McCoy in a Foot Race

We've hit what we call the slow news period for the NFL. Between now and training camp, not much will happen -- except things like Mike Vick beating LeSean McCoy in a race. According to the always reputable Pro Football Talk, McCoy had been taunting Vick for weeks, calling him an old man.

That led to a race, which according to back up safety Colt Anderson, didn't go so well for McCoy:

This seems implausible, seeing as how McCoy is close to a decade younger and didn't spend a substantial amount of time eating prison food. So we did some digging. It turns out that a '72 Impala back-fired moments before the race began and Vick took off and never looked back. Hey, it happens.

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