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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ten Things More Competitive Than The BCS Title Game

It was a stomping indeed.

This one was over by the end of the first quarter.  Here are ten match ups more competitive than last night's "title" game.

1.  Creed-Drago

2.  The First Gulf War (RIP Gen. Schwarzkopf)

3.  Reagan vs. Mondale '84

4.   Tyson-Spinks

 5.  Any Globetrotters vs. Generals game from the last 40 years

6.  Road Runner vs. Coyote

7.  France vs. Germany, 1940

8.  Liam Neeson vs. the bad guys in Taken

9.   The Battle of Hoth

10.  The Laff-A-Lympics

Friday, October 1, 2010

Death Becomes BCS?

Hear we go again right? Another football season, another rant about how the BCS is the Dark Sith Lord of team sports. Everyone will write a piece about it, they will explain why it makes no sense, blah, blah, blah. Apparently a new book called Death to the BCS is soon to be released and digs deep inside the armpit of the back room deals and genetic makeup of this shit zoo that will quantify why the whole series is universally hated by all.

We all have to agree, this model is basically a cartel. Agree? Agreed. Even the President of the United States has felt compelled to express his contempt for the way college football chooses its champion. And let's be clear -- it chooses a champion. It chooses a champion like I chose my puppy Golden Retriever from a litter of ten cute lil' puff balls - I chose the prettiest. They choose a champion like I choose a six-pack on Friday night when I was broke in my early 20's - The best return. They choose a champion like I chose a massage parlor in Bangkok during a friends bachelor party - Wait, never mind.

Anyways, the system stinks of a Jenna Jameson undergarment after working a double shift at Vivid Studios. The BCS singles out two teams to compete in one game that takes place a month after the regular season ends. Ah, OK? It is during this month that the authors of the book propose -- in chorus with many others -- a 16-team postseason playoff that would build off the momentum of the regular season. Makes sense right? You will then get the pundits who state that a playoff schedule would not work within the confines of the calendar and school schedules.

Wait, this is about the "kids" right?

One of the biggest issues about the Bowl games is that they take public money and privatize it. Check this little blurb out from the book,

The twenty-three [bowl] games with records publicly available received $7.5 million in direct government handouts, according to their federal tax filings. That's straight cash. It doesn't factor in the estimated millions from police and fire department detail work, traffic control, clean up, and other public services donated to the games by local governments that assume the overtime costs.

Like the authors said, that's "straight cash homey." The authors certainly demonstrate that a playoff will be more profitable and lucrative to all involved. Drawing upon a team of experts, the authors conclude that a postseason playoff alone would gross $750 million a year compared to the current bowl system's $220 million per year. And the authors make the case that the bowls could still make about half of that much even with a playoff. So that's $860 million in total. That' much loot, so what's the issue moving forward? Why can't this system be broken, chewed up and spit out with some refinement? Many mid-major schools are in dire financial straits and this potential playoff system would have big rewards to help those schools who can compete with the big boys.

The NCAA has attempted to monopolize television broadcasting rights to Division I football for nearly 60 years and if not for the 1984 Oklahoma Board of Regents vs. NCAA Supreme Court decision that found that the NCAA was in violation of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, then the NCAA would essentially have dictatorial powers over every collegiate team within its clutches. So, what would eventually be the solution?

The BCS is marxist and wasn't born in the United States. FREEDOM! No more taxes.

But, in the end I will continue to watch college football and know that this cartel will operate this system with the ability to keep this game in their hands and wallets. They will continue to push "cupcake" schedules on the elite's and hold the non BCS schools at bay financially. The authors have passionately -- and successfully -- debunked all the claims made by BCS apologists and offered a perfectly rational solution. Having said that, I will now turn to my six-pack of Lowenbrau and rejoice in what could be a new future for college football and that all the teams will see a fair opportunity to prosper with this "divines" system.

BCS, you are the Glenn Beck of sports.