Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jim Boeheim - Master of Stand Up

The folks at SU Athletics cut up Jim Boeheim's post-Georgetown presser which is great news for those of us who possess short attention spans (I am certainly one of these people). Now we don't have to sit through all 9 minutes of the press conference for the jokes. All the funnies are packed into this 1 minute, 2 second video.

Now let this be a lesson to everyone, if you're lazy enough, someone else will do work for you - and then you can cut and paste that work into a blog and take credit for it. Good Bless America. And if you are one of the people that actually does this work and want to see posted in this space, email us (contact info is to your right). As for Coach Boeheim, he'll be here all week - remember to tip the wait staff and try the veal.

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