Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winnipeg Wants to be More Like Syracuse

The Carrier Dome, home to an army of stainless steel pee troughs

Any male that has ever had the privilege of taking in a sport event or concert at the Carrier Dome knows one of the building's fairly unique charms is located in the men's room. Instead of your standard, stand alone porcelain urinals, the outside walls of each lavatory are lined with gleaming stainless steel trough-style urinals.

The pee trough as it is known has advantages and disadvantages.....for those who are shy or suffer from "stage fright" the set up is nightmare. With no individual area or dividers, it's just elbow to elbow of men with their members out doing nature's business.

No pictures of the actual troughs at the dome exist online (that's not a place where you should be using a camera) but they look a little like this 
I for one, do not suffer from this problem and frankly find the pee trough advantageous. With no defined urinals you can maneuver quickly to open spaces and get your business done as soon as possible - whereas with standard urinals you always run the risk of landing in a line behind someone who does have stage fright or even worse -- you end up behind the 70 year old man with a prostate the size of a watermelon. That guy takes forever.

Plus I've usually got enough crappy dome foam in me that I'd take a leak in front of mother Theresa and wouldn't think twice about it. When you've got to go, you've got to go.

The trough is something you don't see much in major sporting venues any more -- which makes what a few fans are doing in Winnipeg interesting - if you study the urinal arts like I do. From Larry Brown Sports we learn that there's an on-line petition to bring back the urinal troughs. The troughs were used at the old Winnipeg Arena and apparently the lines at the MTS Center are brutal.  Fans in Winnipeg are longing for the days of  using this:

Photo of an actual trough from Winnipeg stadium

So Syracuse fans, the next time you trudge into the men's room at the Dome to do your business, look at the bright side - there are people in Winnipeg who are jealous of you......unless you are crazy enough to use the trough as a slip and slide - then you're just a dumbass.


JM said...

Sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph... a trough urinal slip 'n slide? Are you serious? Isn't that one of the Bilblical signs of Armageddon?

Anonymous said...

This one is a real classic Neph!

The slip 'n slide was only a bonus.
Thanks for posting it though. After a week of gading tests and figuring averages I definitely needed a laugh-and got one!! Keep "going with the flow". Sorry for the bad pun!

Uncle Dave